EXCERPTS AND NOTES: Virginia Child Support Enforcement Program Fact Sheet -2006


"Virginia's Child Support Enforcement caseload includes 362,000 cases and 484,000 children. These children represent almost one-quarter of Virginia's child population and are OWED $2.3 billion in past due child support."

Who really OWES it to them? I wonder if they would divulge how many of these were contested custody cases where fit and willing fathers had their kids stolen by the State of Virginia.

How many cases are even reviewable: have transcipts or an audio recording to determine if fathers were treated unfairly? Likely very few were recorded.

In those cases, it is the State of Viginia which owes both the children and the father. Therefore, this is a bold face lie. Fathers were ILLEGALLY / unconstitutionally ordered to pay EXTORTION in those cases, they do not OWE what DCSE claims they OWE.

It's right out of George Orwell's book "1984". This is classic double speak: calling uncollected EXTORTION past due "child support". Call it what it is. If you did not agree to it and had your kids stolen, then it is EXTORTION, not "child support".

The word "customers" is used 9 times. They used to call them custodial and non-custodial parents. Could it be that that accurate description is being sublimely shoved aside in attempt to make DCSE more customary, acceptable, normal and business as usual?

"As the first state to subpoena cell phone records in order to locate delinquent parents, Virginia is seeking innovative ways to provide child support for the children of the Commonwealth."

Notice that phrase, "children of the commonwealth". Do children belong to the commonwealth or to their parents? Children within the commonwealth would be more accurate, but the implication in “of the commonwealth is, in other words, WARDS OF THE STATE. This should apply only to children whose parents are both either dead, incarcerated or otherwise unfit, unwilling or unable to raise their kids.

My guess is that that number of children is a small percentage or at least a minority of the 484,000 kids in the system. Most of the children in the system were probably kidnapped or stolen by the state from fit, willing fathers.

"A new automated quarterly match with Verizon and Cingular is being implemented in November, 2006 with other companies expected to follow in 2007."

"The new system is called SMILE (Support Money Impacts Lives Everyday), and was developed under contract with Protech Solutions, which worked closely with the Department's internal development and implementation team."

Gee, isn't that a cute, catchy name? Why not make kids SMILE by treating their parents as equals?

"DCSE has stepped-up its encouragement that customers avail themselves of Direct Deposit. Since September 2001, Virginia's child support electronic disbursement of payments has soared from 36% of total payments to more than 59% and continues to rise. Virginia DCSE continues to use mass mailings and other means to encourage enrollment."

One should not agree to direct deposit unless he agreed to pay child support. Why make it easy for them to steal your money? If you had your kid stolen and did not agree, you should at least write the words EXTORTION #______ (your agency ID number) on each check as a form of protest, if you choose to avoid jail. If they want to steal your money electronically let them go through the legal process to forcefully attach your wages. See Article: "Civil Disobedience, Who Should You Obey?"

"An initiative to publicize delinquent non-custodial parents with outstanding capias warrants was launched in 2005 and is continuing. In the initial implementation, pictures of non-custodial parents were advertised in the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot (twice), the Roanoke Times, and the Richmond Times-Dispatch."

Great. Just what kids need to see. A fit, loving father has his kids' stolen, then the kid gets to see him on a wanted poster when he's down on his luck or if he has the guts to civilly disobey an ILLEGAL EXTORTION ORDER.

Glenn Sacks recently appeared on Fox News discussing this:


"Virginia is working to reactivate its Healthy Marriage/Responsible Fatherhood Community Demonstration under Section 1115 of the federal Social Security Act, with Total Action Against Poverty of Roanoke, VA as the sub-grantee."

This is blatant discrimination against fathers by the Matriarchy of Virginia. Can you imagine a system for "Responsible Motherhood"? How about teaching mothers HOW NOT TO EXPLOIT the divorce industry?

This is a bureaucracy devoted to put bandaids on the cancer of CORRUPT FAMILY COURTS which fail to promote family relationships and CAUSE most of the cases handled by the DCSE. How about some statistics on WHY parents are in the system?

Simple enforcement of the U.S. Constitution in family courts would solve most problems of families which the BS programs like access and visitation grants purport to address... "intended to increase the time that noncustodial parents spend with their children..."

Fathers should not be made into VISITORS in the first place. Give me a break. This is outrageous - treating cancer with band-aids.

"Research shows that children benefit from positive relationships with both parents resulting in better school performance with fewer problems, lower chances of suspension, expulsion from or dropping out of school, and decreased likelihood of risky behaviors including use of drugs and alcohol and early sexual involvement."


They tell us how children benefit from positive relationships with both parents, then brag about how many of those from the "Dead" file have been rounded up and enslaved by the SlaveMasters:

"Dead" File Project results:

 eliminated the backlog of 1600 "dead file" cases,

 achieved a 95% success rate using "personal" service of process,

 served 8,008 documents,

 docketed 7,777 cases for court,

 arrested 903 NCPs from whom $312,975 was collected in child support

using Work Release and Home Electronic Monitoring, and

 conducted two highly publicized "roundups" of NCPs delinquent in paying

child support.

EXTORTION and SLAVING just keeps modernizing and getting more efficient. Isn't that wonderful?

This "2006 Fact Sheet" conveniently omits the facts about how many non-custodial parents were forced AGAINST THEIR WILL into being NCPs. The presumption is that all NCPs are in the DSCE system because they either agreed to be NCPs or because they truly are dead beats who would not otherwise support their kids.

So they admit that parental involvement is important but omit telling us how many fathers want to be involved in their kids' lives BUT WERE FORCEFULLY EXCLUDED from their kids' lives. We therefore DO NOT GET THE COMPLETE PICTURE as to the true "progress" of the Virginia DCSE.

Equal Parenthood = Real Child Support

Government often creates a problem, then bureaucratizes an alleged "solution". The so-called "war on terror" is an example. "Child support" agencies are another.

The fact that there is a Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement - OSCE - but no Federal Office of Child Custody Enforcement or an Office of Parenthood Equality Enforcement is an example. OSCE admits on its website the obvious fact that emotional support increases financial support but does not change its name or mission, which would be the logical next step.

It still attempts to push the cart rather than putting the cart behind the horse by promoting family relationships.

We need either federal legislation to create a federal office to enforce equal parenting or to change the name of OCSE to one that promotes equal parenthood to put the cart behind the horse where the U.S. Constitution demands it should be: equal parenthood.

But then again that might make OCSE obsolete.

Let's see, we have privatization of the military with mercernary armys like Blackwater, privatization of prisons, and now privatization of ILLEGAL EXTORTION collection from fit, willing parents, with Tiel, Inc., Protech Solutions, etc.

Fascism is collusion between government and business to the exclusion of government by We, The People.